Photobiomodulation Therapy- PBMT, was previously known as Low Level Laser Therapy, or LLLT.

THOR Photomedicine is the manufacturer of the photobiomodulation devices used at Borealis Photobiomodulation Light Therapy. THOR has a long history with over 3,000 customers in pioneering clinics and hospitals in more than 70 countries.

THOR is the only PBMT company with FDA, CE, TGA, Health Canada and NATO clearance.

  • 1916

    Enstein first proposed the phenomenon of stimulated emission

  • 1960

    Theodore "Ted" Maiman invented, built and patented the world's first laser

  • 1967

    Prof. Mester- Budapest- discovers laser biostimulation

  • 1983

    UK Physios first use low power laser for sports injuries treatment

  • 1988

    James Carroll raised British Pounds for laser research at Guys Hospital London

  • 1993

    THOR formed

  • 1998

    NASA conducted LED therapy wound healing study for space

  • 1999

    US Navy nerve regeneration research with THOR lasers

  • 2003

    First FDA clearance for THOR

  • 2005

    Spinal chord regeneration

  • 2006

    LLLT published in Nature and Pain

  • 2008

    WHO Bone & Joint Task Force recommend on neck pain (Spine)

  • 2009

    Lancet systematic review LLLT for neck pain

  • 2010

    APTA recommends LLLT for Achillles Tendonopathies

  • 2010

    Intl Assoc for the Study of Pain, "strong evidence" for Myofiscial Pain Syndrome

  • 2010

    BJSM "strong evidence" for LLLT on frozen shoulder

  • 2011

    BMJ Tennis Elbow "Likely to be beneficial for short-term pain relief & improvement of function"

  • 2011

    ESMO guideline revisions suggest the use of LLLT to reduce the incidence and severity of Oral Mucositis

  • 2013

    BJSM "moderate evidence was found in favour of laser therapy over exercises" for Tennis Elbow

  • 2013

    JAppl Oral Science TMD "it seems clear that the use of laser brings benefits when properly applied and administered"

  • 2014

    MASCC guideline recommend the use of LLLT to reduce the incidence and severity of Oral Mucositis

  • 2015

    J Cancer Survivorship LLLT confers clinically meaningful reductions in arm volume and pain in women with Lymphoedema

  • 2016

    BMJ Chronic Non specific Low Back PAin Systematic Review


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